Learn what’s what when it comes to financial aid.

Want to know more about all the types of financial aid at Monroe Community College? Here’s a brief summary of the differences between grants, scholarships, work-study programs, loans, service-oriented programs and veterans benefits.

And remember, whether you plan to attend full-time or part-time, be sure to apply for financial aid as early as possible, as timing is critical. Learn more about each type of financial aid by visiting the sections listed below.

MCC federal school code: 002872

MCC TAP school code: 2180


  • Based on need
  • Do not need to be repaid
  • Grants offered by the federal government:
    • Pell Grant
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

  • New York State grant programs:
    • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
    • Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) program

Grants Q&A


  • Do not need to be repaid
  • Typically funded by government agencies, private companies or foundations, community organizations or educational institutions

Scholarship Types

Work Study

  • Funds earned through part-time employment on the college campus or through community service

More About Work Study


  • Must be repaid with interest
  • Money borrowed through federal loan programs or lending institutions:
    • Federal Direct Student Loan
    • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
    • Alternative student loans

Loans Q&A

Alternative Aid

  • Require a service commitment
  • Financial assistance provided through programs like AmeriCorps, ROTC and the Montgomery GI Bill®

Alternative Aid Details

Veteran Benefits

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) educational benefits
  • State veterans awards
  • Tuition assistance

Veterans Benefits Resources

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