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的 key to a bright future begins with a solid foundation, which can be gained from a top-accredited college with 业务项目 that have been tailored to your interests. 我们的 choice of multiple degree programs and certificates, 灵活的网上选择, our many academic services will be sure to meet your goals. 

It is imperative to choose a school with programs that have been finely honed from years of experience with teachers who are experts in their field. 

Online 业务 项目 at MCC

Finding a program that is geared towards your professional goals is important, but so is finding a program that fits your life and schedule.  Three of our degree programs can be completed fully online or on-campus, whichever is best for you.



A 工商管理学位 from MCC is a university-parallel program equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor's degree program. It helps to prepare students for majors in areas like 会计, 金融, 管理, 市场营销, 人力资源, 经济学, 创业, 电子商务, 小企业管理, other business-related fields.


会计学位 is a university-parallel program, which is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor's degree program. This program is designed to prepare those who are looking to major in 会计 to transfer to a four-year school with full junior status. 
的 entirety of this course 可在线完成.


75% or more of this program 可在线完成.
国际商务课程 from MCC is designed to help prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university majoring in business, 国际业务, 市场营销, 经济学, 金融, 或者其他相关领域. It is ideal for those who are considering a career in 国际业务, 商务, or diplomacy as it provides a background in language, 文化, 国际政治, 和业务. 
More than 75% of this course 可在线完成. 


75% or more of this program 可在线完成.
会计技术员课程 has been designed to help prepare students for a position as an 会计 clerk that is able to keep records of daily financial transactions, 创建财务报表, 分析财务数据, 交流信息. It aims to develop knowledge of general 会计 procedures, automated 会计 systems and spreadsheet programs, as well as general knowledge of business 管理. 
More than 75% of this course 可在线完成.

Small 业务 Management 证书

75% or more of this program 可在线完成.
Small business 管理 certificate program is designed to aid those who already manage their own companies, are contemplating starting their own businesses, 或者为小公司工作. This program aims to provide basic knowledge in the fields of 会计, 市场营销, 管理, 以及客户服务. 
More than 75% of this course 可在线完成.

Entrepreneurial and Applied 业务 Studies AAS

我们的 entrepreneurial and applied business studies program aims to develop the skills and knowledge needed to start your business ventures, 在家族企业工作, 扩大现有业务, or seek employment in a small business after receiving an associate degree. This program provides a solid base of business, personal, analytical, problem-solving skills. It also provides basic knowledge in the fields of 会计, 法律, 市场营销, 管理, 以及客户服务. 
的 entirety of this course 可在线完成.

Questions To Ask When Looking for a 业务 Program

  • Is the business program accredited?
    是的, MCC is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of 业务) and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).
    AACSB是一个自愿性组织, non-governmental accrediting agency that oversees the standardization of collegiate schools of business 和会计 nationwide.
    MSCHE is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education 认证.
  • 课程学分可以转换吗? 
    You can feel rest assured that MCC SUNY credits can transfer to four-year universities. 
  • 是否提供经济援助??
    Since MCC is an accredited college, our students are able to apply for federal and state aid, as well as grants and scholarships.  Over 60% of our students graduate with no debt! 的 中冶财务援助 team is ready to help you submit your FAFSA.
  • Are the business courses flexible?
    是的! MCC offers online and in-person classes — day or evening. 我们的 courses are tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle.  
  • Do the programs have different areas of focus?
    是的, we offer areas of focus like business administration, 会计, 国际业务, entrepreneurial and applied business studies, 小企业管理, 和会计.
  • Can the courses be completed online?
    是的! 工商管理, 会计, entrepreneurial and applied business studies can be completed entirely online.  
    超过75%的 国际业务, 小企业管理, 会计人员 可在线完成. 
  • Is there academic and student support?
    总是. Students can utilize any of the MCC libraries, 免费的辅导, 学习中心, plus services to help with family situations.  
  • Is there help for the next step?
    当然! 我们的 career center and advisors help you get ready for wherever your path leads, whether it is transferring to a four-year school or work opportunities.  

Get Your 业务 Degree Started Today

If you’re ready to get started, 适用于今天, or you’d like more information about a program, 与我们联系 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 


Find the business program that is best suited for your needs and interests.

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